Team Resources

National Challenges & Pitch Competitions

Important Dates

  • Sunday, February 27, 11:59PM ET: National Challenge Video Presentations and Challenge Reports Due
  • Monday, February 28 & Tuesday, March 1: National Challenge Q&A Recording
  • Monday, March 7, 12:00 PM ET (noon): Pitch Competition Launch and Topic Announcement
  • Wednesday, March 9, 6:00AM ET: Pitches Due
  • Wednesday, March 9, 4:00PM ET: Pitch Finalists Announced
  • Friday, March 11, 1:00 PM – 2:30PM ET: Live Pitch Final Rounds of Competition
  • Saturday, March 12, 3:00PM ET: Awards Ceremony (Announcement of National Challenge and Pitch Champions and Runners Up)

Participation Rules

To participate in a National Challenge, teams must:

  • Have impact related to the challenge (you must be able to put a number in one of the boxes at the bottom of the Challenge Report Template 😊).
  • Submit the following by 11:59 PM ET on February 27, 2022:
    • 5-minute video
    • Challenge Report
    • Project Verification Form
  • See Submission Guidelines for each below.
  • Book, attend and complete the filming of a 3-minute Q&A session on February 28 or March 1, 2022.

Video Submission Guidelines

  • For each National Challenge your team competes in, you will need to submit a video by 11:59 PM ET February 27, 2022.
  • Each presentation video can be no longer than 5-minutes or 300 seconds (if your video exceeds 5-minutes, it will be cut at the 5-minute mark before being sent to judges).
  • The video file format needs to be .MP4 or .MOV.
  • Your video cannot contain copyrighted music. Here are some royalty-free music resources:
  • Name your file using the following naming convention: “CWB-School”.
  • Ex: “CWB-AcadiaUniversity”, “TD-AcadiaUniversity” or “Scotiabank-AcadiaUniversity”
  • Each video file cannot exceed 500 MB in size.
  • If your video file is too large, please use a video compression tool to adjust your video to the correct size. Two free video compression tools are:

Challenge Report Submission Guidelines

  • For each National Challenge your team competes in, you will need to submit a Challenge Report by 11:59 PM ET February 27, 2022.
  • Here are the links to the Challenge Report templates for each National Challenge:
  • Your submission should be uploaded to the Google Drive link (provided by your Enactus Program Manager) as a PDF file.
  • The Challenge Report cannot exceed 1 letter size page in length.
  • Name your file using the following naming convention; “CWB-School”.
    • Ex: “CWB-AcadiaUniversity”, “TD-AcadiaUniversity” or “Scotiabank-AcadiaUniversity”
  • The Challenge Report file should be no larger than 100 MB. If your file size is too large, please use a file compression tool to adjust the document to the correct size.
    • Here is an Adobe compression tool you can use: Compress PDF
    • You can also use Microsoft – File – Print – Print to PDF.

Project Verification Form Submission Guidelines

  • Each team must submit one (1) signed Project Verification Form to compete at the Enactus Regional Exposition by 11:59 PM ET February 27, 2022.
  • Here is the link to the Project Verification Form.
  • The form must be signed by your Faculty Advisor, President, and Administrator (Ex: Dean, Department Chair, Provost).
  • If you are unsure who your administrator is check your Team Affiliation Agreement as it will be the same person.
  • If a team’s Faculty Advisor is also an administrator, the form must be signed by another administrator.
  • The Project Verification Form must be submitted as a PDF with the following naming convention: “ProjectVerificationForm–School”. Ex: “ProjectVerificationForm–AcadiaUniversity”.

Q&A Filming Guidelines

  • Once Enactus teams register for Regionals, their Program Manager will reach out to the team President and Faculty Advisor to book 1 x 30-minute time period for a Q&A session per team, per challenge on February 28 or March 1, 2022 (Ex: If you are competing in 2 challenges, you will book 2 X 30 min Q&A sessions). Note the actual recording time of the Q&A will only be 3-minutes.
  • Up to 5 Enactus students can join the Zoom call to participate in the Q&A session; all students need to be on camera. Faculty Advisors cannot attend the Q&A.
  • Team members can change for each challenge Q&A session if you participate in more than one.
  • Enactus Canada has developed a pool of questions for each National Challenge in consultation with our partners. Teams will have 3-minutes of Q&A time per challenge, during which, questions will be drawn at random, read aloud by the Program Manager and answered by the team.
  • In the event of a tech disruption during a Q&A session recording due to a member’s connectivity, other team members should be prepared to step up and answer the question in their place as the timer will not be stopped. If there is a major tech disruption as a result of the Program Manager’s connectivity, you will be given the option to stop and restart from the beginning with new questions or continue from where you left off before the disruption.
  • The 3-minute Q&A recording will be a one-take recording (you don’t get a second chance to record it again), to simulate the experience of answering questions live. The recording will be attached to the 5-minute video submitted, and sent to judges as such (Judges will first see your 5-minute video, and immediately after see the 3-minute recording of your Q&A).

Pitch Competitions

  • To encourage the generation of new project ideas related to the National Challenges, all Enactus teams will have the opportunity to participate in three Pitch Competitions, held as part of the Enactus Canada Regional Expositions.
  • One Pitch Competition will be held related to each of the three National Challenges: CWB Financial Education, Scotiabank Climate Action and TD Entrepreneurship.
  • The specific topics for each Pitch Competition will be announced at the Opening Ceremonies on March 7, 2022 (time of Ceremonies TBD).
  • Enactus teams will be challenged to come up with an innovative project idea to address the challenges.
  • To participate, teams will submit a one-page brief of their project idea by 6AM ET March 9, 2022.
  • On the afternoon of Wednesday, March 9 at 4PM ET, six finalists will be announced for each Pitch Competition. They will then have a day to prepare their pitch presentation for the Final Round of Competition to be held on Friday, March 11, 2022 from 1PM-2:30PM ET.
  • The Final Round of Competitions will be hosted live, with teams delivering a three-minute pitch, accompanied by one 16:9 slide (to be submitted in .pdf form by 11:59PM ET, March 10), followed by five minutes of live questions from the judging panel.
  • For each Pitch Competition, a Champion, Runner Up and Second Runner Up will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on March 12, 2022 at 3PM ET.
  • The winners will be awarded $1,500, $1,000 and $500 cash prizes, respectively.
  • Teams are encouraged to participate in all three Pitch Competitions and to submit as many pitches as they wish within each Competition.